The Fall Canvas Letter


And they exceeded our expectations:

They gave themselves first of all to the Lord,

and then by the will of God also to us.”

(2 Corinthians 8:5)


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

 Now, it is time again that your Church sends you this year’s canvas letter. When it comes about the contribution to the life and work of the Church you belong to, I would like to share with you few thoughts and highlight few aspects regarding supporting your Church family:

I believe if we have realized how much we had received from God so far and how much is still ahead of us in receiving more blessings that can be transferred to practical aspects of our everyday life, then it is not a burden to offer even our material assets for God.

Let me repeat a short part from the message of the very first Sunday service I hold in Killarney. It can be new for those who could not attend and a reminder for those who heard it:

If our hearts are cleaned by God and it is dedicated to Him and it is filled with His joy, we feel like coming to Church. It is not a burden or a compulsory rite we have to participate. We enjoy hearing the word of God, we enjoy the company of our sisters and brothers in Christ and it is our pleasure to belong to this Church family and to offer some of our time, talents and even material assets for God.

Paul writes: “What do you have that you did not receive?” (I Cor. 4:6)”

The success and richness of your Church family is a collective issue. The more members contribute the more vigorous and successful that community will be in spreading the Word of God; in bringing hope and comfort; in helping those who are in need.

We turn to you because you are a registered member of the Killarney United Church. We hope and pray that beyond that you consider yourself also to be a child of God with all its joy, peace and strength. And as such, you can offer a ready mind, a willing spirit, and a joyful heart with your financial contribution.

I believe, your community has already proved this readiness by being able to build a new church building. You had also taken up all of its financial burdens with a great collaboration and sacrifice. We ask you to carry on your enthusiasm and support.

Thank you for taking the above into your heart and please, read the 2012 Fall Canvas Letter with this concern.


God bless you, your whole life and your loved ones!

 Blessings and Peace,

 Rev. Maria Szabo Berces